Feedback from the Field: “But She Is a Woman and This Is a Man’s Job”: Lessons for Participatory Research and Participatory Recovery

March 1999 (VOL. 17, NO. 1)

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“If ‘Anne’ thinks she is going to get the position of director of the Interfaith Recovery just because she has been doing it for the last six weeks, she is mistaken. She is not a professional and she does not have the education. As a board member I can’t support her.” This was spoken not at a board meeting but along the banks of a river. Dick was fishing for salmon (and having no luck). Kris was doing a different kind of fishing—and they were biting. The ‘bait’ had been taken and the fight was to begin…. “They have just left us black folks out,” said ‘Beatrice’ about the white interfaith recovery organization. ‘Beatrice’ and women from the black community told Kris, “Can you help us?” Kris who carries a community organizing tackle box with everything in it said…