The International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters (IJMED) is published by the International Sociological Association's Research Committee on the Sociology of Disasters, (ISA RC39). As the official journal of RC39, IJMED focuses on the social and behavioral aspects of relatively sudden collective stress situations typically referred to as disasters or mass emergencies. To increase dissemination of scholarly research on disasters to other disciplines and, especially, to scholars in developing countries, back issues (older than three years) are available free of charge.

About Us

The Journal addresses issues of theory, research, planning, and policy. The central purpose is publication of results of scientific research, theoretical and policy studies, and scholarly accounts of such events as floods and earthquakes, explosions and massive fires, disorderly crowds and riots, energy cut-offs and power blackouts, toxic chemical poisonings and nuclear radiation exposures, and similar types of crisis-generating situations. Its audience includes specialists within various areas of research and teaching plus people working in the field who are responsible for mitigation, preparedness, response, or recovery actions.

While each issue of the Journal typically deals with a variety of relevant topics, special issues on particular subjects are published whenever possible to bring together a set of articles on a specific problem area. Since the Journal is intended to provide an international forum, contributions from and about all sections of the world are encouraged. Priority is given to those writing with cross-cultural data or implications.

The Journal has five sections, although not all of these appear in any single issue:

  • Research and Theoretical Articles: Empirical and scholarly studies reflecting the central concerns of the Journal.
  • Book and Film Reviews: Critical examinations of the written and visual literature on disasters and mass emergencies.
  • Editorial Commentaries: Brief overviews by Journal editors and special-issue editors placing the material in a given issue in the larger context of the state of the field.
  • The Critic's Corner: An open page presenting controversial issues and personal opinions by invited and volunteer authors.
  • Presidential Address or Comments: Thoughts, comments or summary statements of current events, policy statements, or guidance and expectations for future hazards and disaster research from the President of ISA RC39.

Impact Factor (2020 estimated): 1.548

Five Year Impact Factor (2020 estimated): 1.444

Acceptance Rate (2018-2020): 20.7%

Submission to First Decision: 145 days

Submission to Publication: 375 days

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