IJMED Subscriptions

For information regarding subscriptions, changes of address, or advertising rates, contact: 

Secretary/Treasurer - International Research Committee on Disasters
PO Box 961
Mattoon, IL 61938

OPTION 1: Individual Yearly Journal Subscription Rates: (US $) 

  • Category A - Regular 35 / Student 25
  • Category B - Regular 15 / Student 15
  • Category C - Regular 4 / Student 2 1/2

Individual subscriptions must be prepaid. Please make checks (on a U.S. bank) payable to: International Research Committee on Disasters. Invoice and credit card orders (MasterCard and Visa) are also accepted.

OPTION 2: Individual 4-Year ISA and Journal Subscription 

International Sociological Association 4-year subscriptions are available with discounted journal rates. However, you must also become a member of the ISA. You can go to the ISA RC39 page to sign up.

The categories are described by the

International Sociological Association's Table of Countries

Institutional Yearly Journal Subscription Rates: (US $) 

  • Category A - Regular 75
  • Category B - Regular 25
  • Category C - Regular 10

Back Issues and Articles

Electronic copies of back issues may be purchased for US$ 15.00 per issue. Electronic copies of individual articles are available for US$ 2.00 per article. Requests should be sent to the IRCD Secretary/Treasurer. As with subscriptions, checks for single issues or articles must be written on a U.S. bank and made payable to: International Research Committee on Disasters; orders placed using invoices, MasterCard, and Visa are also accepted.

Journal Distribution

As each issue is published, it is distributed to individual IJMED subscribers via email. Institutional subscribers can access all IJMED issues after they register their Internet Protocol (IP) ranges with the Secretary/Treasurer. Issues older than three years before the current year are accessible to everyone without charge.